FIRST Lego League...

Today, I went to school to take a look @ de FIRST Lego League. Done some interview and videoing, hope tat eu all can understand more about FLL too...

Interview with Sec 2 student from Hwa Chong Institution


Why didn't your team want yours robot to travel up the Bridge and accumulate more points?


It is because that we felt that we felt that lot of time will be waste if the robot travels up the Bridge.


Did yours robot manage to collect all the loops and get access to the bumper units?


Not all. It is quite hard to do so.

More information on FLL : http://www.usfirst.org/default.aspx

Personal Reflection...De Adventure Camp in Sarimbun Scout Camp

From all the activities we have done during de Camp, I had learnt that communication, full participation and positive thinking are needed to do things quick and well as a group. Trust and Respect are important in teamwork. There is always no I in TEAM.

"Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
Working together is success."

I will choose to try the Challenge Ropes Course again if there is another chance. It is an activity for me to challenge myself. I would like to change my temper, but actually I had started putting in effort to change before the school starts. I knew that we will be doing lots more of teamwork compared to the time when I am in primary school. As quarrels do harm to the relationship between one another, I am determined to change for the better.


Personal Reflection...De Amazing Race...

As students of SST, we are expected to learn not only in school but also in the whole community and the entire world. This value "Expanding Our learning Networks" encourages us to learn from other experts, in other places so that we dun limited the knowledge we gain. In this way, we then can improve ourselves and get closer to our goal, being the best...


Personal Reflection...De Team Building Challenge...

Understanding the school value "Forging Excellence", I aim to excel in all area. Improvements have be made, Learning does not matter where or when. I want to achieve excellence, believing that I m confident and ambitious. But I have to care for others' feeling when reaching my goal. Relationship between one another matters when come to team work. For our class to succeed, I think that trust plays an important part. Promised to bond together and from an effective team...


Personal Reflection...De Bridge Building Activity...

Working as a team, things were obviously done better. Each of us contributed ideas and expressed thoughts to make the Bridge function better. Contributors explained or even demonstrated theirs ideas so others understand. In my opinion, my interactions with de members in my group was quite good, I can't remember us quarreling or arguing over anything. I didn't really experience any fear, discomfort and apprehension though. Goin 2 improve our Bridge in these 2 weeks...